What is BIKKLA?

The coolest e-bike rental center. Or the best way to spend your time. Or the way, you can have an unforgettable adventure. But for sure it is the fastest and easiest way to explore Lacu Roșu. With the help of our electric rental bikes you can explore and see more in a shorter time.

Adventure makes you happy! - It's our credo. That's why we created the coolest electric bikes. We marked and digitized the routes. We have standardized, multiplied and we are continuously multiplying the rental centers. So that you can have a BIKKLA adventure anywhere.

If you are made of what entrepreneurs are made of, you can join us and open your e-bike rental center through the BIKKLA franchise.


Find out where else you can rent a BIKKLA electric bike. The hottest routes are waiting for you in the whole country. See the other locations where you can go!

Red Lake

The first BIKKLA e-bike rental center was established in Red Lake. This is where the BIKKLA concept was born, and it is still the laboratory for the development of our services. Discover one of the coolest places in Romania. 8 bikes and 5 routes are waiting for you!


The best mineral water in the world.
A summer bob track.
A ski slope.
The newest BIKKLA e-bike rental center.
The coolest tours.
There is so much to say, and so much more to see!


The second flagship of BIKKLA, the MotherShip, is located here, just opposite the GastroLab Restaurant&Terrace. Long descents, steep climbs and phenomenons of post volcanic activity, mineral water baths and springs awaits you to discover them on a BIKKLA bike. The wonderfull landscape and Saint Anne Lake are just icing on the cake.


Up-down, forest road-tarmac, fresh salty air. Picture with the bear at Bear Lake. Summer, ice cream, freedom. These are the key words that come to our mind when we think of Sovata, and these are exactly the experiences you'll have when you ride with BIKKLA.

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The BIKKLA bikes

Or how we like to call them "the stars of the show." They are specially designed for rental needs. They cope with any obstacle with brilliance and stoically resist the torture like some donkeys. Our rental centers are equipped with bicycles for both adults and children.

For adults,
from 150 cm upwards

Max speed: 25 km/h

Autonomy: ~75 km

For the children,
from 150 cm upwards

Max speed: 25 km/h

Autonomy: ~75 km

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